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Finances: Controlling Interest and Paying Off Debt


"I am amazed at the progress
I have made paying down my
debt/mortgage in less than a
year. I am not a risk taker and
would normally be leery of a
program that promised to do
what this one does. My only
regret is that I did not enroll
                  -Alison M.

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I have been working with RJL Equity Solutions for over two years and have been thoroughly impressed with the assistance and knowledge provided from Randy. I appreciate the time and the commitment that he has put into educating me on the services that I use so I can be as successful as I can be.

I actively use the Privatized Banking Concept that Randy has introduced to me, this concept has opened a variety of avenues to reaching the goal of being debt free and optimizing the power of our hard earned money.

Randy’s customer service goes above and beyond the majority in the industry. He truly cares that you understand the product that you have and how it can positively influence your life. He takes the extra time to sit down with not only you, but with whomever in your life that will be influenced by the products you are using.

Based upon my experience I have and will continue to recommend Randy and RJL Equity Solutions to anyone as I have appreciated his service.

Clayton M.

Business Owner
Waunakee, WI


Many people think that money makes the world go around. I’ve found that relationships do. Relationships are vital to life, happiness, goal reaching and so on. I’ve known Randy for several years, so when it came time to looking at ways to build wealth for the future I wanted someone I knew. Besides that I wanted someone who was a practitioner of the principles I was looking to employ. Randy and RJL Equity Solutions, LLC. do just that. I’ve recently placed my funds under Randy’s guidance in series of insurance policies to aid in my desire to become my own banker and leave a legacy for family. What I love about this approach, that Randy clearly understands, is that it looks to the future and yet makes your funds work for you in present as well. Gaining access to my funds is very simple and Randy is great at checking in on a regular basis. I would highly recommend him and RJL Equity Solutions, LLC. to anyone that is looking to take serious part in their funds, present and future.

Ryan M.
Appleton, WI


I have been looking into different investment vehicles for a while now.  I have also been looking for ways to lower my debt and the interest rate on debt I already have.  What’s great about the infinite banking concept is that it’s not just about investing but it’s also about saving on interest and financing your own purchases.  It really is a combination of multiple financial aspects.  I won't get into too much detail but it’s a process where you can loan money to yourself from your own bank and at the same time still make interest on that money that your spending.  You're able to finance purchases on cars, homes or anything else and at the same time continue to earn interest as if the money was never taken out.    Thank you Randy for your expert knowledge and mentoring on the infinite banking concept, it truly has been a pleasure working with you.

Dustin W. Appleton, WI (business owner)


I was in a family owned water treatment business for over 30 years which was started by my parents. I sold out my share of the business a little over 4 years ago. I have known Randy for the last 3 years & have been using the Privatized Banking System for 2.5 years. I was tired of worrying about my investments, 401K & if I would have money left when I needed it for my retirement years. I was so impressed with Randy & the Privatized Banking System that I decided to make it my new career choice. I believe that this is the best financial tool (without taking risk) & that I needed to help educate the public. Randy has been very helpful both as a client as well as a mentor. I would highly recommend Randy & RJL Equity Solutions for helping you take control of your financial future.

Terry H.-Waunakee, WI


Before meeting with Randy, I dreaded sitting down each week to pay bills. I always felt like my checkbook was in the red.  Once I came to terms with the fact that I needed help, I was so glad that I turned to Randy and his services.  I now clearly understand where every dollar I earn goes, I know my budget and I know how to stay within my budget.  In addition, my husband and I have both changed our attitudes about spending money but yet we don't feel like our lifestyle has dramatically changed.  The services (GPS and Privatized Banking) simply keeps us grounded and accountable.  After a year and half working with Randy, we have paid down a substantial amount of debt and we are saving more than ever.  We can’t wait to see what the coming months and years will bring.  We now have confidence in our financial future and truly believe that Randy has put my husband and I on the fast track to financial freedom without the market.  

Stacy D. Shiocton, WI


I have known Randy for a couple years and have been using his services for the last 18 months. Randy is very knowledgeable about the Infinite Banking System and the other services that build wealth.  What initially drew me to using Randy's services was the freedom to have more control over my investments.  After watching my 401K investments decline year after year, I felt empowered to do something that I had control over.  After using Randy's services for less than 2 years, I am already seeing a substantial difference in my overall wealth.  In a matter of a few short years, I'll have my home and business mortgage paid for.  Why would I want to keep paying the banks tens of thousands of dollars of interest every year when I could be paying myself.  This has all been possible with the help and guidance of Randy.  He has always been available to answer any questions that I had along the way and makes you think outside the box.  There is no reason to be a conformist like everyone else when it comes to investments.  Why not take control of your future and increase your wealth.  I would certainly recommend RJL equity solutions to anyone interested in taking control of their future and making more money. 

David M. - Waunakee, WI 


I have been working with RJL Equity Solutions for almost 2 years.  As a small business owner and with the overall economy in a slump, I was looking for a better way to manage my business's budget.  RJL Equity Solutions has created a way to eliminate my debt without eating up my profits.  In addition, I feel that RJL Equity Solutions created a lasting partnership with my business that assists me with maximizing every dollar earned.  They have been there to guide me and provide solutions that I never would have come up with on my own.  I would highly recommend RJL Equity Solutions for all businesses regardless of your financial situation.  You can't afford not to. 

Kevin D. WI


Hi Randy!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I am LOVING this program -- it takes so much anxiety out of the financial planning.  I can't claim to be good at it yet, but I'm working on it:).  I have been spreading the word -- do you have any business cards I could keep in case someone is interested?  Feel free to call any time.  Hope you had a nice weekend too!



Being a techno-phobiac, I was very uncertain about using the GPS program Randy suggested. However, after just a few sessions with Randy my fears subsided and I am now able to use the program with relative ease. Not only is the program easy to use, it is also fun to do and has help to give me direction in terms of my financial life. I am amazed at how helpful it has been. I recommend it to anyone.

James L. Davis


We've seen outstanding results since February 2011 with the help of Randy.  We've been able to pay off an additional $8000.00, in addition to our monthly payment, on our second mortgage as well as put a few thousand into a money market.  This is so exciting being we would have never been able to do this without this system and Randy's expertise. 

The two biggest benefits I've noticed is that we no longer feel "strapped" as well as my husband and I no longer fight about money.  I CANNOT imagine going back to the old way of paying bills again.  I LOVE this system and addicted to it...I look forward to paying bills Friday mornings.  I highly recommend it!

Stacey and Brad S.


I have been using the debt elimination service since June of 2009. Initially I questioned the $3000 sticker price as I thought “Why would I spend more money when I could use that $3000 to pay down the debt I already have”. I can tell you now, over 2 ½ years later, that this system is the best investment my family has ever made. We have received free software upgrades, as promised, and the customer service people have been accessible and able to answer any questions that I have had along the way.  The debt elimination service truly is a “Financial GPS” and it has allowed us to pay down over $15,000 in debt and increase our emergency fund to over $10,000 even while my husband has been unemployed since 11/2010. The software made me more aware of where our money was going and it helped us understand the rewards and consequences of our spending actions. Most importantly it gave me the peace of mind I needed that even though we didn’t have dual incomes that we could still continue to make progress toward our goals. If you are ready to take control of your financial future, this is the tool that will help you do it.

More recently I also decided to explore the concept of Privatized Banking. As a Financial Planner I am always looking for ways to make my money work harder for my family. When Randy brought this concept to my attention I was intrigued. I wasn’t aware of any financial vehicle available that would allow you to have access to your cash, with no penalties or restrictions, no chance of market loss AND have compounding interest. We started with a small policy and I have been able to pay off a credit card using the cash value in the policy. I have been paying the $88/month I was paying to the credit card company back to my policy for future use….and I can do it over and over again. Now that I have seen how this concept works first hand I am excited to know that my money is actually working for my family!

J. H. Verona WI


Hi Randy,

Sorry I've been MIA! I haven't forgotten about you.  The program is working great - it's very easy to use! So easy that I keep forgetting I should still do the coaching session...  It's been helping us become aware of where we are spending, which is a nice side effect! 

I've told a few people about the program - mainly my parents.  My mom is a skeptic like me, but I plan on showing her how it works this weekend when she is in town visiting.  They just got a 30 yr mortgage and want to have it paid off in 15. I told them they could do it way faster than that!  If there is another webinar soon, send me the link.  She couldn't make it to the last one you sent.

If I think of anyone else that would benefit, I'll definitely pass them along to you.  



I have been in the mortgage business as a loan originator for the past 13 years.  I have never seen such an amazing service to help prospective clients get into a better position to buy their “dream home” as well as my current clients being able to pay off their current mortgage and debts in ½-1/3 the original time.  This is a benefit to my business as well as making my customers dreams a reality!!

I have an excellent working relationship with Randy at RJL Equity Solutions.  I have my customers and prospective clients fill out a worksheet and I set up an initial meeting with Randy and my clients and he takes it from there.  He is very professional and I know that my current and future clients are in great hands.

Before meeting with Randy on Infinite Banking, I had my money in savings accounts and money markets.  Randy sat down and talked to me about the Infinite Banking side and explained in detail the benefits of doing this.  I have since paid off my truck with the Infinite Banking side and now I make the payments back to myself and recapture the interest that I was giving away to the bank. The interest volume the bank was receiving was much higher than my interest rate on my note. Ask Randy to show you what this means, it is eye opening.

Stacy L. Selleck Mortgage