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Regain Control of your    Finances & Eliminate Debt
Understand Interest & how    it can help or hurt you
Discover Wealth    Accumulation Strategies    without stock market risks
How to Minimize or    Eliminate taxes
Retain Control & Liquidity    of your money
Compound Interest

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Finances: Controlling Interest and Paying Off Debt


"I am amazed at the progress
I have made paying down my
debt/mortgage in less than a
year. I am not a risk taker and
would normally be leery of a
program that promised to do
what this one does. My only
regret is that I did not enroll
                  -Alison M.

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Privatized Banking System

Additional Uses of your Banking System
Banks vs. Insurance Companies, where is your risk?
Whose Money is it Really?

• No upfront fee for preliminary results review

What if you could recover every dollar you spend on the things you buy?
What if you could access your money, and continue growing it at the same time?
What if you could
reverse the flow of your money away from financial institutions and back into your own household?
What if you could do all of this on a tax-free basis?

If the answer to the questions above were”yes”, then would you?

Generate More Wealth
There are a couple ways to create wealth: You can increase the amount of money you make, or you can increase the amount of money you keep. The most damaging part of our personal finances is not the small rate of return that we are receiving on our investments, but it is the amount of money we spend every month on debt (car loan, mortgage, credit cards), interest, taxes, and opportunity cost (the growth your money could have earned had you not paid cash for your purchases). The basis of the banking concept is that by becoming your own bank and financing your own purchases, you minimize the amount of money you consistently lose, paying it back to yourself, and increasing your overall wealth. Redirecting the money that would otherwise go to debt, interest, and opportunity cost, will have a significantly more powerful effect on your finances than the rate of return on your investments ever will.

Welcome to Privatized Banking
The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)  has been used by corporations and wealthy individuals for hundreds of years. The IBC System offer the most effective way to build wealth; providing unmatched security, predictability, asset protection, flexibility, liquidity, financial control, and known tax advantages. IBC has the realistic potential of putting more money in your retirement plan than investing & saving combined, while giving you more liquidity, use and control of your money at any time!!!

Banks are the most successful institutions in the world, and we will show you how to incorporate their principles at the consumer / business owner level. In short, we educate you on how utilize the same strategies that banks have used for centuries. By implementing safe and proven strategies you will always come out ahead.
Here are just some of the benefits:

• Maximize the effects of Uninterrupted compounding interest
• Liquidity- Access to your money any time and for any reason with no age restrictions or penalties
• Guaranteed Rate of Return
• Not subject to market fluctuations
• No risk of losing your principal- EVER!
• Consistent & Reliable dividend track record                                                                                                                                           
• THE most tax efficient tool available
• Creditor / Law Suit Proof (in most states)
• Design your business Exit strategy: don’t hope the future buyer isn’t subject to bank financing; we can help you mechanically design your exit.                                                                                                   
• Legacy planning: understanding when you die, have you protected what you have earned/ built against taxation and liquidation of your assets by your beneficiary(s). Learn why structuring wealth preservation using this method may be the most efficient.  Avoids Probate.                                                                                                                                                                                       
Designed properly, IBC can give you peace-of-mind, guaranteed growth, safety, and more flexibility than any investment or savings program we’ve ever found. Even Walt Disney and J.C. Penney used this method.

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