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Cost Segregation

• No upfront fee for preliminary results review
• Can save substantial taxes
• Can create immediate cash flow to building owners
• Completed by engineering professionals in the building industry that work directly with the IRS to maximize your results
• No need to amend tax returns
• Can go back on buildings up to 1986
• Effects new, existing and remodeled commercial property
• Over 7000+ studies completed, no irs reversals

What is Cost Segregation…
Cost Segregation is an IRS approved application by which commercial property owners can accelerate depreciation and reduce the amount of taxes owed. This savings generates substantial cash flow that owners often use to reinvest in there business, purchase more property, apply to their principal payment or spend on themselves. You are being over taxed but it is your job to prove it. It is worth running a free preliminary study!

How does Cost Segregation work…
The study accelerates the depreciation of your building/renovation components into shorter depreciation schedules such as 5-, 7-, and 15 years rather than conventional 27.5 and 39.5 year schedules typically prepared by CPAs. Five and seven year items might include site utilities, landscaping, and paving. This engineered cost segregation study results in a much higher depreciation expense and significantly reduced taxable income for property owners. Best of all the IRS ruling states cost segregation can be applied to all categories of buildings purchased or built since 1986 including renovations, and there is no need to amend tax returns. We will guide you through the process.

A cost-segregation specialists looks for many items when working to identify tax savings in a building.

Questions that such a specialist would ask include:
Is there more than one power source in your office?
Do the walls in the office penetrate the ceiling tiles, and are they load bearing?
Is the decorative paneling in your reception area and conference room glued, nailed, or hung on the wall?
Is your cooling oversized in order to cool your data-processing room?
Do you have a kitchen?

A yes to any one of these questions indicates a need for a cost-segregation study.

The study is much more intensive and conducted by construction/engineering professionals that understand complicated construction materials and building processes. CPA firms typically do not have the qualifications to conduct this study. Guessing or taking a portion of an anticipated percentage only leads to unaccounted for and inaccurate results. None of which benefits the client.
The company we work directly with has a track record of over 7000 studies nationwide, three IRS audits and no reversals in over 12 years in this industry. What does this mean……the most efficient results and the most money in an owner’s pocket, and piece of mind that it has been conducted correctly.

We are interested in working with any client’s CPA to ensure the smoothest process, maximum results and the right qualified professionals working within a familiar industry.

For more information and a free consultation on how we can provide Education, build Knowledge, and create the Results you can depend on, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions...
What is a CSSI Study?
A Cost Segregation Study is an engineering analysis that reclassifies or segregates real estate components and improvements between real and personal property in order to accelerate the depreciation periods from 39 or 27.5 years to 15, 7, or 5 years. 

Why haven't I heard of cost segregation?
Cost segregation was first applied and performed by major accounting firms with in-house cost segregation departments on the largest properties of their most significant clients.

CSSI developed the methods and protocols to deliver this same service to commercial property owners at very affordable rates. This means you can take advantage of this tax savings that was once only enjoyed by the owners of exceptionally large properties.

Will a Cost Segregation Study trigger an audit?
No. A CSSI Study strictly adheres to the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Technique Guidelines.

If the CSSI Study comes into question, an engineering-based cost segregation study professional from CSSI will attend the audit without any charge.

Does my property qualify?
Yes, if you:
1.) Purchased, constructed, or remodeled property after Jan. 1, 1986 and
2.) Anticipate holding the property for at least a few years.
3.) Have paid in taxes or will be in the future.

Can I benefit from a Cost Segregation Study?
Yes. Let us provide the necessary data to your advisors to determine potential tax benefits. 

When should a study be done?
It is best to have a study completed for the year the building or improvements are placed in service. However, IRS Revenue Procedures allow taxpayers to "catch up" on the depreciation that was not claimed from the first day the property was placed in service without amending prior years' tax returns. Furthermore, the IRS recently allowed for the "catch up" period all in the first year rather than over four years, when the Revenue Procedure 99-49 was first introduced. A cost segregation study can be performed on any commercial property constructed, acquired or remodeled since Jan. 1, 1986. 

What information will be needed to complete a CSSI Study?
While each study differs, we generally request the following information, if available:
1.) A current tax schedule (depreciation schedule)
2.) Building cost information
3.) Change orders
4.) Building type and use, square footage

We can assist you in gathering the necessary data.

Why is this building need to be reclassified?
Building costs are generally classified for federal income tax purposes into three categories; (1) Tangible Personal Property, (2) Land Improvements, and (3) Real Property. Each has a different recovery period and method under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). Our qualified engineering-based analysis is performed by professional personnel with in-depth knowledge of construction methods, materials, and building components can perform a detailed analysis to properly identify the building components and improvements that will be reclassified to take advantage of accelerated depreciation.

Why should I perform a Cost Segregation Study?
Without a Study your accountant will only be able to use straight line depreciation, 39 or 27.5 years. A CSSI Study provides your accountant with accurate information to establish 5, 7, 15, and 27.5 or 39-year depreciation schedules, which substantially increases tax savings in the earlier years of owning your property.

How long does a Cost Segregation Study take?
Preliminary Study takes 5-10 business days. The final Study normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks from the time we receive all the appropriate documentation.

Can a CSSI Study apply to buildings not yet constructed?
No. However, for projects not yet constructed, CSSI can provide estimates on tax savings from your construction budgets. A CSSI Study will be delivered when construction is complete. 

Why should I choose RJL Equity Solutions LLC and CSSI?

I have over 20 years of design build construction experience and CSSI's engineering-based personnel have the expertise in tax laws, cases, and ruling on cost segregation, along with real estate development and construction experience to maximize your tax savings. Only exceptionally large accounting firms have in-house engineers who can perform a cost segregation study at substantial fees. Our company will work with your advisors to help you take advantage of this extremely viable tax savings solution.

Can I contract directly with CSSI?
No, you need to be appointed as a professional through CSSI to represent their firm through out the USA. RJL Equity Solutions LLC is appointed.

What if I have buildings in multiple states?

No problem, the process is the same regardless of state or city. We provide services in all 50 states.